About Truckload Academy

TCA is dedicated to providing the opportunities for our members to educate and train their skilled workforces, in order to develop a safer, smarter, more profitable industry. With programs available to train every aspect of your fleet — from managers to drivers to insurance purchasers — Truckload Academy has all the educational tools your team needs to be successful.

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TruckloadAcademy@truckload.org or call (703) 838-1950.


Live Learning Webinars

Take advantage of Truckload Academy’s interactive webinars, many of which are presented at no charge to TCA members thanks to our  sponsors. These online sessions reduce the cost of training by eliminating travel costs, while giving you live access to top trainers in the industry.


Truckload Academy Certificates

Truckload Academy offers three certificate programs dedicated to the workforce challenges carriers face:

  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment
  • Retention

NATMI Certification Renewals

Through Truckload Academy, recorded sessions from a variety of events have been approved for renewal of NATMI Certified Director of Safety (CDS) and Certified Safety Supervisor (CSS) certifications!

You can submit up to 24 credit hours in a year from education and training on Truckload Academy On-demand. Providing proof of your training is easy.

Truckload Academy Online Learning Center

Learn on your time and at your convenience through Truckload Academy’s Online Learning Center. Choose from among a variety of recorded sessions from conferences, workshops, and webinars. Conference session and various topics can be purchased in packages to make on-demand training more affordable. Event recordings are typically made available within a month following an event.

The Fleet Manager Certificate Program

Competition for the top positions is unrelenting, so you have to work hard to stand out among your peers. Join the more than 700 industry professional who are currently completing TCA’s Fleet Manager Certificate Program; starting showing your commitment to excellence, today.

For more information, visit the Fleet Manager Certificate Program homepage, and to get started.

Congratulations D.M. Bowman!

D.M. Bowman presented Fleet Manager certificates to four of their employees that completed the Fleet Manager Certificate Program and earned the CFM designation.

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Truckload Live Distance Learning

This brand-new learning experience from the Truckload Carriers Association, in conjunction with the TCA Profitability Program (TPP) allows you to receive instruction and engage in meaningful conversations alongside other industry professionals who share your challenges. Topics discussed include how to manage compensation in volatile times, trucking compensation for different roles within your business, and best practices for communicating compensation changes.