Meet the Staff – Shana Gipson

Shana Edited


Hometown: Norfolk, VA


What is your favorite TCA event?
Refrigerated Meeting


What Brought You to TCA?
I joined TCA for the opportunity to bring over my experience with educational events and speaker management to a new organization at a higher level, with the hopes of creating a positive impact. Working for TCA has also been a great transition from my past work working for an association in the automobile industry.


What is your favorite thing about working at TCA?
I believe the drivers are amazing!  I really admire their dedication to the job and their importance in the community.  I like to keep them in mind as inspiration for the work that I do.


What is Your Favorite Food?
Apples with Prosciutto or Tangerines with Mixed Nuts – sweet and salty!


What are your hobbies?
Practicing Vinyasa Yoga and craft and garment sewing.