Making Safety Happen

MAKING SAFETY HAPPEN –  Discover the Predictable Step-by-Step Method

That Radically Reduces Accidents and Injuries, Builds Employee Morale, Cuts Operational Losses, Drives Company Growth, and Ensures Company-Wide Commitment to Safety and Builds Your Bottom Line!

The hands-on course offers you and your team six 30-minute recorded sessions that will share tools which you can immediately customize and apply to your business:

  1. Establish safety as a corporate value;
  2. Decipher when good can be bad: identify and eliminate safety dysfunctions;
  3. Engage your front-line team in your safety mission;
  4. Create a just culture and ensure accountability for safe outcomes;
  5. Apply the power of process; and
  6. Utilize the right metrics: capture the leading indicator and practice prevention

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Exclusive VIP Course Offering for Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Members!

Fielkow’s successful Making Safety Happen offering now features an exclusive Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) member-only option for trucking companies of all sizes. This special offer includes the main six online courses PLUS instructor-led live VIP workshops, insightful webinars, and more — tools to make safety happen in your company to combat skyrocketing insurance costs, out of control litigation, and risk of business failure

TCA members will receive a discounted rate of $850; a savings of nearly $1,200.  Space is limited.

Not a TCA member and would like to learn more? Contact TCA’s Vice President of Membership & Outreach Zander Gambill at or (571) 444-0301.

In addition to the six online courses, Making Safety Happen participants will have the opportunity to attend TCA-member-only workshops led by Fielkow.

New cohort coming Fall 2022

Session 1: Safety Values vs. Priorities: Identifying Your Safety Gaps

Session 2: Eliminating Your Safety Dysfunctions

Session 3: Engaging Employees in Your Safety Mission

Session 4: Creating Accountabilities for Safe Behaviors

Session 5: Eliminating Shortcuts and Creating a Process that Your Team Understands

Session 6: Identifying the Right Metrics to Assess Safety Performance

Also, participants will receive an invitation to Safety VIP Trucking in the Round Sessions during Truckload 2022 as well as the opportunity to attend quarterly Safety in the Round webinars.

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“Brian Fielkow creates a perfect balance between the “what” and “why” of safety performance. His teaching on breaking down barriers within the company to put safety at the forefront, shows how front line employee care and bottom line profitability go hand in hand. As a safety thought leader, Brian has designed this course focusing on safety problem-solving and then he gives you the tools to build sustainable solutions. A must for anybody in high consequence businesses”. 

Dean Zuleger – Soldier Delivery/Soldier Trucking