Sponsor a Webinar

Showcase Your Expertise

Sponsor a TCA Live Learning webinar to highlight your
brand and become a go-to resource for the industry

Whether you want your branding prominently featured on a webinar developed by TCA’s education team, or your team of experts wants to present on a topic of your choosing, sponsoring a Live Learning webinar provides guaranteed returns.

Why Sponsor?

  • Have your branding appear on all promotions related to the webinar;
  • Promote the webinar to your customers using TCA-supplied email and social templates;
  • Have a company representative give a two-minute introduction on the webinar; and
  • Display your company logo and contact info on-screen for both live webinar attendees and those who access the recording through the Truckload Academy On-demand.
  • Show that your company recognizes the value of continuing education & professional development;
  • Provide knowledge to TCA members without charge; and
  • Broadcast your message to 4x as many participates on your live event than on  a webinar with fees
  • Let TCA’s experienced education team do the heavy lifting–promoting your brand and helping develop content to save your team time and generate measurable ROI;
  • Experience ongoing exposure to a captive audience through hosting of the webinar recording on the Truckload Academy On-demand; and
  • Showcase your expertise to industry leaders

Interested in Sponsoring a Webinar? Contact Us

Shana Gipson, Director of Education
(703) 838-1950

Zander Gambill, Vice President of Membership and Outreach
(571) 444-0301