NATMI Certification Renewal

The Truckload Carriers Association is an official NATMI Certification and Recertification Affiliate

Let us be your resource as you progress through professional Certification

The North American Transportation Management Institute’s (NATMI) certification program is designed to educate safety and maintenance professionals and keep them up-to-date in their given field.


The goal of the recertification program is to help assure that the previously certified Director of Safety, Safety Supervisor, Director of Equipment, and/or Maintenance Supervisor and Trainer of Commercial Drivers continue to maintain their professional credentials.

The recertification program requires 30 points over 3-year period based upon the applicant’s certification date.

Earn points toward your NATMI certification renewal by participating in TCA programs!

Here’s how we help you stay up-to-date:

We offer Industry Specific Courses equating to two points per 8 contact hours:

Fleet Manager Certificate
Truckload Live Distance Learning Courses

Computer/web-based Training equating to two points per 8 contact hours:

View and Register for Truckload Live Distance Learning Courses
Access TCA’s Historic Event Content
Fleet Manger Certificate

For more information on the Fleet Management Certificate, please contact or call 866-530-2430.

Truckload Live Distance Learning, a brand-new learning experience from the Truckload Carriers Association, in conjunction with the TCA Profitability Program (TPP) allows an opportunity to teach and to receive instruction and engage in meaningful conversations alongside other industry professionals who share your challenges.

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