TCA Profitability Program – TPP

The TCA Profitability Program (TPP) is the trucking industry’s premier performance improvement solution, fusing TCA’s popular best practice groups and the powerful online benchmarking platform.

TPP’s multi-tiered system allows carriers the flexibility to choose exactly how much time and resources they want to dedicate to the program, with plans ranging from simple snapshot composites to full online access and bi-annual meetings.


Best Practice Groups are exclusively for those carriers who are committed to being top performers in the trucking industry. Best Practice Groups (Tier 3) are the foundation from which the TPP is formed. This tier includes all of the features of composite that the Performance Groups users can access, but with the additional benefit of peer-to-peer, bi-annual group meetings. These sessions provide opportunities for carriers to share ideas that make their businesses successful, thus learning from each other in a deeper way than simply comparing numbers from the office.

Tier in GaugeTM Access Peer-to-Peer Monthly Price
2 Full digital composite
and action plan
N/A Varies based on fleet size
Small carriers (1-99 PUs)=$220
Medium Carriers (100-499 PUs)=$350
Large Carriers (500+PUs)=$500
3 Full digital composite
and action plan
Bi-annual group meetings
monthly group composites

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To begin taking advantage of the TCA Profitability Program, please contact TPP Managing Director Jack Porter or by phone at (888) 504-6428.