TCA Applauds the Nomination of FMCSA’s Robin Hutcheson as Deputy Administrator



The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) congratulates Deputy Administrator Robin Hutcheson on her nomination to lead the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Our members welcome the opportunity to continue to work together and hope to see her confirmed in a timely manner by the Senate.

Deputy Administrator Hutcheson is well equipped with extensive experience drafting and implementing transportation policy. She previously served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Safety Policy for the U.S. Department of Transportation, where she spearheaded the formation of the National Roadway Safety Strategy and was crucial to the development of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. As these programs will help shape transportation policy and spending for years to come, the trucking industry will be fortunate to have someone as well-versed leading FMCSA.

Her background also includes transportation administration at the local level. She previously served as the Transportation Director for Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Director of Public Works for the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are confident this will inform a versatile approach that appreciates the intersectionality of transportation policy across this country and among all levels of government.

“TCA has always greatly valued its positive working relationship with FMCSA and its leadership,” said TCA President Jim Ward. “Our collaboration is more important than ever, as the trucking industry has demonstrated its essential status during these unprecedented times. The pandemic and labor shortages have disrupted supply chains and challenged industry, but trucking has remained relentless in our efforts to move America forward. With the nomination of Deputy Administrator Hutcheson, we feel the industry is even better positioned to tackle these challenges.”