Truckload Carriers Association Expands Benchmarking Service


Multiple subscription levels now available

Alexandria, Virginia:

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) is expanding its highly popular benchmarking services to provide multiple subscription levels. Supported for more than 12 years by a relationship with Decisiv, Inc., of Glen Allen, Virginia, TCA’s benchmarking services allow companies to compare their operations against those of peers as well as the industry’s leading trucking companies, across multiple key attributes. Each participant enjoys the added benefit of independently deciding how to best utilize the information presented, based on its particular needs and operations.

The expanded benchmarking services will be offered at three levels:

  • TCA SnapShot: A one-time comparison of key financial metrics based on actual historical data and one additional set of survey questions
  • TCA Benchmarking: Year-round financial comparisons based on actual historical data, plus monthly surveys on important industry topics and invitations to exclusive seminars
  • TCA Best Practice Groups: All TCA benchmarking features listed above, plus best practice sharing group meetings held 2-3 times per year

TCA’s benchmarking services capture and compare information across safety, IT, HR, maintenance, and operations in both qualitative and quantitative formats. Unlike other industry surveys, participants receive interactive access to results based on their company profile, including comparisons with group average and best-in-class companies based on the following selected parameters:

  • Geographic Coverage (national and regional)
  • Fleet Size (total number of trucks)
  • Total Revenue
  • Cargo Type (flatbed/open deck, refrigerated, dry van, dry/liquid bulk)
  • Selected Business Categories within SIC Code

Current participants in the TCA benchmarking service and members of the Best Practice Groups are quick to reflect on its value. According to Jeff Reed, president of Skyline Transportation, Inc., of Knoxville, Tennessee, “Participation in the benchmarking program has proven to be the most beneficial strategic and investment decision for Skyline in recent history. Through this platform from TCA and the excellent facilitation of Decisiv, Skyline is a stronger and more competitive carrier. Benchmarking continues to provide us with insight, fresh ideas, and new perspectives that are second to none.”

Wendall Erb, president of Erb International Inc., of New Hamburg, Ontario, stated that prior to joining the Benchmarking program in 2005, he did not believe that his company profile matched that of a typical refrigerated truckload carrier and, as a result, was concerned that his data would not be comparable.

“The reality is there are no two companies alike, and the benchmarking program does a fantastic job providing comparable data for all carriers regardless of size or operation. At our twice-annual benchmarking meetings, we learn as much or more from networking as we do from the composite. Today, we have a network of carriers across North America that are trusted partners, whether trading freight or dealing with equipment problems, which is as a result of our participation in the TCA benchmarking program,” he said.