David Turner



Evans Delivery Company
Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

My dad’s affiliation with the trucking business has played a significant role in the direction of our family’s growth. One of the more appreciable aspects of this growth was in our time spent together as “family.” When my dad began his trucking career, he took on work that required him to drive all throughout the United States, away from home for weeks at at a time. Although he definitely had the privilege to observe other places in the country, this busy schedule no doubt detracted my father from being more engaged in my brother’s and my life, as well as from spending more intimate time with my mother. After a couple of years with this kind of work, my dad finally decided to switch to driving local routes for his company, that we as a family could spend more time together throughout the week. Surely, this change helped to bring us closer in many ways and revealed to us the importance of gathering together with our loved ones. I might not have noticed the importance of this decision as a child, but in retrospect I recognize how helpful this change was for the growth of our family bond. Even now, I find that this theme of cherished familial connection has become more prevalent in my own life and in the life of my family.