Heather Corbin



Celadon Trucking
Indianapolis, Indiana

My father has worked in the trucking industry for 28 years now. His drive and work ethic that has earned the position he is in now has greatly influenced my family life in many different aspects. Starting out as a full time job in college, my father unloaded and reloaded freight on trucks to help pay for his education. Once he got his degree, he moved out of the work labor portion of the trucking industry and started focusing on the logistics behind the process. After all of the hard work years ago, my father has persevered to earn the position that he holds at Celadon now. It has benefitted my family financially and helped teach both of his children the value of a hardworking attitude. It has been amazing being the daughter of a father who works in the trucking industry. At times it was difficult; he would spend weeks away in a different country meeting with his customers or trying to acquire new ones. However, being able to witness my father strive for excellent customer service and go the extra mile to help his business has been a valuable lesson for me and my sister. At a young age, I didn’t understand my father’s job and how important it was for our economy. Now being a rising sophomore in college, I understand how vital the trucking company is for almost every aspect of our lives.His career in this industry has has impacted my family financially but also has brought many great lessons into the lives of his children. I am proud to be a daughter of a worker in the trucking industry, and I believe that my life will benefit in the future because of everything that I have learned and witnessed from my father.