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A Systematic Approach to Improving Driver Mental Health

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Drivers routinely struggle with poor mental and physical health resulting in several subsequent dysfunctions. These dysfunctions include strained relationships, lack of self-respect or self-esteem and compulsive spending resulting in financial stress among many others.

In this webinar, behavioral economic researcher, Dr. Ethan Slaughter, and neurologist and sleep medicine specialist Dr. Raina Gupta, will discuss some of these dysfunctions and how improving sleep quality is a foundational component to improving driver mental health.

You will learn the importance of respecting the complexity of driver well-being related to job satisfaction and the steps you can take to start addressing those issues, beginning with sleep.



Dr. Raina Gupta
Sleepologie Health and Wellness






Dr. Ethan Slaughter
Copeland-Hall Research Institute






Rhett Roberson
Director of Recruiting and Employee Engagement
Christenson Transportation