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How & Where to Build Business Value During Tough Economic Times

Friday, June 5, 2020

In the face of tremendous challenges, business owners can choose to do amazing things – including transform the value of their company. In this webinar, set for 1 p.m. ET Friday, June 5, leaders of The Tenney Group will inspire bold action as they share the six best practices for building and protecting business value.

Key focus areas:

• Leave more equipped to formulate business strategies in an informed manner, to build and protect business value;
• Learn how to quantify the amount of business value that can be created through a strategic acquisition; and
• Discover creative ways to structure and finance acquisitions.

Following this TCA webinar, The Tenney Group will break this topic down into a 3 part deep-dive workshop series over 6-8 weeks. The summary of those sessions is below:

  • Financial Reporting, Operations, & the “Due Diligence Dry Run”
    o Takeaway: If owners don’t take care of the fundamentals, they won’t be able to avoid a discounted valuation. How can we get ahead of this? We will use case studies, reporting templates, and performance benchmarks to demonstrate how trucking owners can present more professionally and immediately separate the value of their businesses from the rest of their industry peers.
  • Leadership, Independence, & Culture – Where Big Money is Made
    o Takeaway: We will use case studies and real transaction data to explain the connection between culture and business value. We will also address some false assumptions very common in this industry regarding what happens with “your” people after the deal. Then, we will share common characteristics of trucking company cultures that attract the highest valuations.
  • Offsetting Growing Expenses Through Acquisitions & Creating Value in the Sale Process
    o Takeaway: We will use case studies to equip owners with tools and techniques to effectively offset growing operational expenses that are chipping away at your company’s current worth. Also, we will use case studies to educate business owners about business value that can only be acknowledged in a transaction environment and why.

Shepard Dunn – TCA Profitability Program (TPP) Consultant

Spencer Tenney – The Tenney Group President & CEO
Eric LeMarbre – The Tenney Group Managing Director

Tenney Group

Tenney Group is an advisory firm that has been exclusively focused on business sales and acquisitions in the transportation industry since 1973. Tenney Group has closed hundreds of business sales across the United States and is on the American Trucking Association Mergers & Acquisition Task Force.


Contact Jim Schoonover with any questions about the webinar.