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How to Get Drivers on Board with In-Cab Cameras

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Are your drivers resistant to in-cab safety cameras?

In-cab safety cameras have become a must-have for fleets. However, many drivers liken these cameras to Big Brother watching.

The good news is we have the answers to get drivers on board.

“How to Get Drivers on Board with In-cab Cameras” will explore what fleets can do to implement in-cab safety cameras in a way that doesn’t raise resistance among drivers.

Topics Include:

  • Best practices for creating a “driver first” safety program
  • How to avoid common pitfalls
  • How to create a mutually beneficial communication plan
  • How to implement gamification to empower drivers



Ron Bourque Jr
Vice President of Safety
Aim Transportation Solutions




Jon Morgan
Senior Sales Enablement Manager



moderated by:

Brenda Yahm
Digital Content Manager


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