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Mergers & Acquisitions Insights and 2024 Outlook

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Spencer Tenney, CEO, and Meg Meurer, CCO, of Tenney Group will provide an overview of M&A activity in trucking and logistics in 2023, up-close insights from actual successful transactions, and a forecast of what to expect in 2024. Listeners can expect Tenney Group to address the following questions during the presentation:

  • How did buyers and sellers approach deal structure and valuations in a declining freight market?
  • What role did interest rates have on structure and what types of deals actually got done?
  • What were notable deals in 2023 and why?
  • What will drive M&A activity in 2024 and why?
  • What best practices can buyers apply to complete more acquisitions in 2024? A first acquisition?
  • How can business owners prepare to maximize the value of a future business sale?



Spencer Tenney
The Tenney Group





Meg Meurer
The Tenney Group





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