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Data-Driven Profitability Strategies That Work: Using KPIs and Market Data to Inform Operations

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

1:00-2:00 p.m. EST

Topics: Operations, Profitability, Leadership

Level:  All

Continuing Education Credits: This Live Learning webinar provides 1 CE credit toward the Truckload Academy Human Resources Certificate (HR-OP) and renewal of the Truckload Academy Certificate of Fleet Management (CFM).

Be our guest for TCA’s next Truckload Academy Live Learning webinar and learn how standardizing your operational and financial data can lead to enhanced performance and revenue. Chris Henry, TCA Profitability Program Manager and Vice President of Carrier Profitability at FreightWaves, will join Kyle Cunningham, SONAR Sales Manager at FreightWaves, to share profitability strategies that will help you take your carrier operations to the next level.

Chris Henry will kick off the webinar, providing an overview of top key performance indicators and how standardizing these metrics can lead to the use of benchmarking tools that improve performance. He will then provide a brief overview of TCA’s Profitability Program, in which like-minded carriers share best practices to enhance their operations. Afterward, Chris will describe gross margin versus gross profit, year-over-year comparisons, and leading SONAR indicators that lead to better performance. Kyle Cunningham will then provide an overview of both outbound and inbound logistics data using analytics from FreightWaves’ SONAR platform (free for TPP members until November 30, 2019), highlight the top five markets, and explain what is happening in each market and how to make key decisions using this data.

Whether you’re a small or a large carrier, join the online conversation to ensure you are optimizing operational decisions that maximize revenue.

What Will You Learn?

  1. Ways in which standardizing your operational data can lead to improved performance
  2. How gross margin and profitability comparisons affect daily operational decisions
  3. Comparisons of year-over-year financial and operational data
  4. How outbound and in-bound metrics can paint a full picture of market conditions
  5. How market analysis of freight markets based on real-time analytics can inform business decisions

Get your questions answered during this interactive session and start enhancing your recruitment and retention operations!

Owners; CEOs; COOs; operations, fleet managers, accounting and finance personnel, financial officers

  • Chris Henry, TCA’s TPP Program Manager and Vice President of Carrier Profitability at FreightWaves
  • Kyle Cunningham, SONAR Sales Manager, FreightWaves



FreightWaves is the largest provider of news, content,​ data,​ and analytics for the freight market and the #1 trafficked news site in freight. FreightWaves is also the parent company to FreightWaves SONAR, a data and analytics Freight Market dashboard, and Freight.Tech, a startup and innovation engagement platform. The company is also the founder of Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), a consortium of organizations committed to implementing blockchain technology.


Contact Jim Schoonover with any questions about the webinar.