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Take Control! Leveraging Your Driver Data for the Best Insurance Rates

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The sheer amount of data sources available to fleets these days is staggering, from telematics to ELDs, cameras, and more. While making sense of it all can be challenging, fleets who truly harness this wealth of information have leveraged it to lower accidents, claims, liability, and insurance premiums.

Join Idelic Founder & CIO, Hayden Cardiff, alongside Nationwide’s SVP of E&S Wholesale & Commercial Auto, Gary Flaherty and Seubert & Associates’ Transportation Practice Leader, Principal, Brandon H. Guiliani, as they discuss how to best leverage the data you’ve been collecting.

In this webinar you will:
• Learn about the data that matters most to insurance carriers at renewal;
• How to consolidate your data sets to implement a standardized and automated safety program; and
• How you can take action with your data to reduce risk.


Gary Flaherty
Senior Vice President, Commercial Auto E&S Wholesale


Brandon H. Guiliani
Transportation Practice Leader
Principal, Seubert & Associates, Inc


Hayden Cardiff

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The Idelic Safety Suite® is the industry’s first end-to-end driver performance management platform built specifically for fleet professionals. With Safety Suite, you can consolidate your existing driver data and systems into one location, analyze it with proprietary machine learning models, and take action on hidden insights, all within one streamlined platform. Our advanced AI-based Driver Watch List, combined with an industry-leading integration network and proven driver training plans, makes Safety Suite the most proactive and effective way to prevent crashes, reduce turnover, decrease liability, and lower insurance costs.