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The Benefits of TCA’s Profitability Program and Benchmarking

Thursday, February 29, 2024

As the trucking industry navigates rates, inflation, and other industry variables, running your business by the numbers has never been more important. TCA’s benchmarking carriers continue to keep their focus on the future.  They understand cycles and want to be poised to capitalize on the next market change.

In this webinar, learn more about TCA’s Profitability Program (TPP) and how benchmarking can help with your trucking operations.

The current TCA Trucking Profitability Program Best Practice Groups provide a unique forum for proactive trucking entrepreneurs to share their operational and financial data, along with qualitative Best Practices. Join the February 29th webinar and learn:

  • Current benchmarking standards
  • How the TPP – Benchmarking groups measure their performance over many different time intervals with ‘like’ companies
  • How you can Eliminate Status Quo and refine your business strategies to become more efficient –and more profitable


Amanda Pearson
TCA Profitability Program Facilitator


Jack Porter
TCA Profitability Program Facilititator