TCA Profitability Program Launches TPP Data Analytics Group


Alexandria, Virginia and Brimingham, Alabama:

The TCA Profitability Program (TPP), an exclusive business performance improvement initiative provided by the Truckload Carriers Association, is pleased to announce the formation of the TPP Data Analytics Group. This unique group will be sponsored by McLeod Software, and meetings will be held semi-annually at McLeod’s headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. The first group meeting will be held on April 23-24, 2020.

The group was conceived based on feedback from TPP members that have expressed the need to properly leverage the vast amounts of data generated by their companies, and the industry, to determine better pricing, operations, and safety-related decisions for their businesses.

Additionally, members are continually being presented with the challenge of either building internal solutions (e.g. software, business intelligence) or utilizing existing external vendors or services. As a by-product of the group, members will be provided with a framework for vetting and commencing data and technology projects.

The new group will assemble TPP member employees in business intelligence, analytics and information technology, with these underlying objectives:

Role Education and Development

  • Understanding the role of data and technology in today’s trucking and logistics industries;
  • Roles (and actual role descriptions) in data and technology; and
  • Continuing education and role development

Project Management

  • Best practices for managing new data and technology projects; and
  • Software and tools for managing projects, tasks, and bug fixes

Vendor/Service Specific Best Practices

  • Device and vendor-specific best practices; and
  • Leveraging data and services from external vendors to improve internal operations

Data Access and Control

  • Business intelligence/visualization best practices;
  • Build it or buy it: Continuous discussions/debates about building software/services internally or purchasing external software/services

“Based on discussions with a significant number of both TPP members and others in the industry, the purpose of this group may be one of the most significant individual objectives in transportation,” said TPP Program Manager Chris Henry. “There is a wide disparity among carriers with respect to technological sophistication. There is also a direct correlation between high technological sophistication and improved profit margins. This group will be a member-driven way to reduce this disparity.”

McLeod Software’s Director of Product Development Robert Brothers expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership.

“We are engaged with the TCA’s TPP Data Analytics group to further support their efforts and make it easier for our customers to participate fully in the program,” he shared.

President & CEO of McLeod Software Tom McLeod also spoke on the program, saying, ” TCA has always had programs that have helped to educate and develop the management teams and employees of trucking companies. This new program is state-of-the-art, equipping the participating companies for handling today’s shifting business and technology challenges.”

To join the group and participate in the inaugural meeting, please contact Chris Henry ( Date(s) for first meeting will be April 23-24, 2020. Registration is complimentary for TPP members and $350 per month for inGauge members.