Bryan Blair Named TCA Highway Angel


Pegasus Transportation driver helps fellow driver in need of medical attention

Alexandria, Virginia:

Photo:  Bryan BlairThe Truckload Carriers Association has added Bryan Blair to its roster of Highway Angels – professional truck drivers who have gone above and beyond to help fellow motorists while out on the road. Blair, who is from Bardstown, Kentucky, drives for Pegasus Transportation of Louisville, Kentucky.

On May 26, 2012, at around 11:00 p.m., Blair was driving on the ramp from 265-S onto 65-S. In front of him was a flatbed hauling a huge coil of steel. When the driver took the turn too quickly, his load shifted, causing the chains to snap. The coil rolled off, and the entire vehicle flipped over.

Blair pulled to the side, called 911, got his flashlight and went to check on the driver. He was conscious, but injured, and his vehicle was leaking diesel fuel. Blair pried open the door and pulled the injured man out of his truck to safety, staying with him until emergency personnel arrived.

“Flatbeds can be dangerous because you can’t get the exact center of gravity sometimes,” said Blair, who has driven trucks for about seven years. “I’d help anyone; it’s just the way I am. If something would have happened [to ignite the diesel fuel], he needed to be out of the way.”