Country Singer’s Radio Show Extends Reach of TCA’s Highway Angel Program


Lindsay Lawler pumps up the industry’s image by highlighting positive truck driver stories twice a week on Renegade Radio Nashville

Alexandria, Virginia:

It has been 15 years since the Truckload Carriers Association launched Highway Angels, a program that heightens public awareness of professional truck drivers’ helpful, and often heroic, good deeds on the highways. Now, the organization is able to spread its positive trucking message throughout North America and beyond, thanks to a new Internet-based radio show hosted by country music singer and official Highway Angel spokesperson Lindsay Lawler.

“On the Road to Music City” can be heard twice a week on Renegade Radio Nashville, a unique Internet radio station that plays big name country stars as well as new, unsigned artists. The show attracts all types of listeners, but is especially tailored to truck drivers, who can call in to dedicate songs to their loved ones back home. In between the music — which includes both live, guest performances and pre-recorded tracks — Lawler promotes TCA; trucking events, people, and causes; and the trucking industry in general. During one segment, she describes the true life deeds of Highway Angels, who may have fixed a mechanical problem for an elderly person, helped locate a missing child, or even rescued an accident victim from a life-threatening situation.

“This show is going to do wonders for the image of drivers and trucking,” said Chris Burruss, TCA’s president. “It’s greatly expanding the reach of the Highway Angel program, since listeners can be located anywhere in the world. And, in almost every segment, Lindsay demonstrates a respect and appreciation for our drivers that is sure to have an impact on her listeners — both here and abroad.”

Leigh Foxall, director of freight matching for Internet Truckstop, the company that sponsors TCA’s Highway Angel program, agrees. “It’s obvious when you hear this show that it combines Lindsay’s two biggest passions — music and trucking. People identify with music and they’re going to be fascinated by the Angel stories, so this is an outstanding way for our program to gain a bigger foothold in the public consciousness.”

How did Lawler, who has not yet signed with a major record label, score her own radio show? For one thing, she already had 10 years of experience working in radio prior to launching her full-time music career. Another stroke of luck was that one of the founders of Renegade Radio Nashville, “Captain Jack” Aponte, is a former truck driver who has great respect for the profession. He has known Lawler for years and considers her to be a talented artist who brings a fresh, new dynamic to the station.

“I share Lindsay’s goal in wanting to reach out to drivers. With her, they have someone they can relate to… a friend to help pass all those lonely hours on the road,” he said.