Detention Time Woes? It’s Time to Do Something About It


Detention time woes? It’s time to do something about it.

NEW! 90-minute immersive workshop to share tools and strategies you and your team can use to make informed decisions to keep the wheels moving and remain profitable.

Throughout the entire 90-year history of trucking in the United States, excessive detention has been a scourge on the industry. Is your team aware of the different ways that excessive detention is affecting not only your bottom-line revenue, but also your safety performance, driver hours-of-service, and turnover?

Visit to sign up for this 90-minute immersive workshop scheduled for 1 p.m. Thursday, July 22, as True Load Time, Inc.’s Founder and CEO Kevin Nadeau and Director of Operations Shawn Kitchen discuss:

  • Industry history and statistics about the effect that excessive detention has on the American economy;
  • The different (and sometimes unforeseen) ways that excessive detention can affect your bottom-line revenue;
  • Tools to help you make informed decisions to keep the wheels moving and stay profitable;
  • Data insights compiled from shipping and receiving locations across the country and how to use this data to inform rate negotiation; and
  • Strategies to provide your fleet with realistic wait time expectations and appropriately plan routes, HOS breaks, and sleeping schedules.

Registration includes access to the July 22 live workshop as well as the April 29 recording. TCA members are $99; TCA non-members are $199. 

Global Executive Solutions Group’s Partner George Fieser recently attended a recent workshop series and found it to be very insightful. “Over this last year of uncertainty in our industry, the series allowed me to continue to learn alongside my peers, grow, and flourish as a professional,” he shared. “As a participant, we had the ability to talk directly to the presenters afterwards and ask questions.

TCA’s Truckload Live Distance Learning series is designed to let you engage in live learning experiences without leaving your desk or committing your entire day to a program. Through a digital platform, experts share their knowledge and insights as they facilitate live online conversations in convenient, 90-minute sessions.

For questions, please contact TCA’s Associate Director of Education Kim Grimmick at 571-444-0309 or by e-mailing Truckload Academy at