Annabelle Cain



Paschall Truck Lines
Murray, Kentucky

The trucking industry has influenced my family life by providing a stable income, as well as, given my mother opportunities for her career. My parents divorced and we relocated to Murray, KY when I was 9 years old. Shortly after, my mother was hired as a part-time employee and was able to advance to a full-time position with Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. This was a benefit to my family because she had stayed home with us for several years and was just getting back into the work industry. She now has a career and purpose that she enjoys that includes working and talking to the truck drivers daily trying to make sure they have the money they need to be on the road. Obviously, the trucking industry has always influenced our lives because we depend on trucks and truck drivers to deliver almost everything we need on a daily basis. My mother is very proud to work for a company that supports our needs while providing for our family at the same time.