Austin Wagner



McLeod Software Corporation
Birmingham, Alabama

Growing up, I was fairly oblivious to my father’s career. When people asked me what he did, I would tell them, “He works with trucks.” Or, sometimes I would respond with a casual, “Business,” and leave it at that. But, as I got older, I began to understand how important my father’s job within the trucking industry is to our family. Many experiences and opportunities have been available to me because of his occupation. His constant travel among neighboring states has given me a better understanding of logistics in the Midwest and the great people involved in the industry. Our society becomes inefficient without trucks to move things. Today, I am no longer the kid that only says, “Business.” I proudly say that my father is a Software Sales Manager at McLeod Software. Although others may not fully grasp or appreciate what he does, it is because they have not witnessed firsthand the importance and appeal that logistics can provide. My experiences with his job have even led me to pursue my own path within the realm of business. At this point, I’m wanting to follow in his footsteps and make my own path in the trucking industry as I have seen desirable qualities of contentment, growth, and success.