Caleb Gomez



John Christner Trucking, LLC
Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Upon completing my second year of Electrical Engineering courses, I have found it intriguing to look back at where I started and see just how far I’ve come. My work ethic, time-management skills, and integrity have been put to the test as I balance homework, research projects, tests, and other activities outside of my studies. In large part, I have the trucking industry to thank for this. My father and grandfather have worked in the transportation business for over twenty and fifty years respectively. They both currently work for John Christner Trucking in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, and have had a strong influence on my life in terms of their character and guiding principles. Every time I drive by a truck with a “JCT” logo on it though, I am reminded that their work is also impacting thousands across the country. The whole reason commerce continues to expand is because of the knights of the road who deliver products and the operators back at base who direct their travel. I am exceedingly grateful to my family for providing for me, but I also have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for the trucking industry. It has given my father and his father before him a job that is not just a way to make money—it’s a way of contributing to the entire nation by helping people receive the services and goods they need.