Jacob Smith



Maverick Transportation
North Little Rock, Arkansas

My father has been a truck driver all of my life. He has driven for different companies with different responsibilities and owned his own truck for a little while. He currently drives for Maverick Transport as a flatbed driver. He has always been very dedicated to his job, valuing safety above all else. He always stressed to me as I got old enough to drive to be cautious and aware when I’m driving on the road. He ingrained a level of respect in me for myself as a driver as well as other drivers, especially those in semi-trucks. Even though I do not get to see my dad as often as I would like, he always tries to make his time at home quality time for me and my brothers. It has given me a stronger appreciation of time spent with loved ones and always making the time you have quality time. I have a different understanding of the importance of the trucking industry than most young people my age. My dad often states he doesn’t feel that he is the smartest man around, but I have seen what his job entails, as well as the level of skill it takes to be a good, quality driver so I know his views of himself are far from the truth. I have the utmost respect for my father as well as all other drivers in the industry.