Katelynn Hayzlett



Big G Express
Shelbyville, Tennessee

The trucking industry has influenced my family life by providing more than just the means to survive. I came from a home raised by a single mother who works harder than anyone I know. She taught me the value of an honest day’s work. According to her, no two days in trucking are the same. Learning to adjust to changes quickly and problem solve are qualities she has shared with my brother and me. These abilities have helped us in our education as well as other parts of our lives. Thanks to all of her logistical understanding, she has continued to advance her position in the trucking industry. I have never had to go without. We have been given the opportunity to go to college because of her career. She has also taught me a great deal about drivers, routes, freight, safety, shipping and receiving. I do not believe the majority of people understand the importance of transportation to the lively hood of the United States. This country’s economy greatly depends on trucking. Not only does transportation supply a ton of jobs for us, it also provides everything we need and use. Our family does not take trucking for granted. Through my mother’s experience, my brother and I have learned to be appreciative of logistics and all that it includes. I will always be thankful for the impact that the trucking industry has placed on my life.