Thomas Goble



Central Marketing Transport
Edinburgh, Indiana

Whenever I travel I-65 I’m bombarded by billboards for the law office of Darryl “The Hammer” Isaacs promising people he can get them big payouts for trucking accidents. Greedy attorneys like “The Hammer” sell clients on the idea that trucking accidents are always the trucking company’s fault. I see this and I’m bothered by their ignorance. These lawyers disrespect the meticulous planning and logistics done for every load carried, and how each route is designed to avoid collisions altogether.
This is the job of my dad. He works hard crafting the safest and most cost-effective routes between the start and destination of every freight trip. His work requires diligence, excellent time-management, and communication skills. He has to carefully consider all the possible variables that may affect the travel of every shipment, whether that be snowstorms, vacation traffic, or even state laws; they all can cause headaches. My dad takes it all into account to create the ideal route, and when he sends drivers out, he checks in to make sure they’re on schedule. My dad often goes in on the weekends to do work he didn’t get finished earlier in the week. And that has always fascinated us, especially when we visited “Dad’s office” and got to see him running around, discussing routes with co-workers and drivers.
He has taught me and my brothers these hard working values he’s adopted from work. Because of this, we are straight A student-athletes who spend our free time either practicing or studying. Our dad has taught us the only way to get anything in life is to earn it. We’re note taught that we deserve anything, contrary to what Darryl Isaacs may advertise. My dad’s work at CMT is the bedrock of our family life and we are better off because of it.