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Spring Profitability Seminar
Retention, Development and Recruiting

June 27, 2018
7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

(Breakfast and Lunch Provided)

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Best Practice Group Members$499.00 per person
TCA Members $599.00 per person
TCA Nonmembers$699.00 per person
Dress Code
Dress code for this meeting is business casual.
Renaissance Chicago O’Hare Suites Hotel
8500 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, IL 60631
O’Hare International Airport (ORD) – 4 miles to hotel
Drive Time: 10 minutes from airport


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Renaissance Chicago O’Hare Suites Hotel – Chicago, IL


Meeting Facilitators:

  • Ray Haight, Retention Consultant, TCA Profitability Program
  • Tim Hindes, CEO, Stay Metrics
  • John Lyboldt, President, Truckload Carriers Association
  • Jack Porter, Managing Director, TCA Profitability Program

Meeting Room Opens at 7:30am with Breakfast

  • Call to Order at 8AM (Jack Porter)
    • Opening Comments (Dan,Jack & John)
    • Anti-Trust Review
    • Roundtable Introductions:
      • Name, Role
      • Business Attributes: Location, Terminal Locations, # of Trucks, Operating Mode
  • “Hot Topics” (Jack Porter) – Opportunity to go around the room and have attendees discuss what they are seeing in their respective ‘recruiting’ market, including the added pressure due to the hot freight market.
    • Biggest Challenges in Recruiting (except finding Qualified Drivers!)
    • Have you expanded your geographic recruiting range?
    • Relaxed your hiring criteria?
    • Added new Pay / Work Packages to be more flexible to potential recruits?
    • How Many Current Recruits are coming from Referrals
    • How Many are Entry Level sometime last year
  • TPP Retention/Recruiting Survey Results Review #1 (Porter & Haight):
    • Turnover results – six month period
    • Current driver demographics – Age/Gender/Full and Part-time/Teams
    • Minimum hiring criteria? Internal vs External (Insurance or Gov’t req’s)
    • Lead sources
    • Compensation trends
    • Referral programs – are they working?
    • Driver Recruiting and Management Platforms
  • Break at 10:00AM
  • Retention First – Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Fix Your Retention Problem (Ray Haight)
    • Maslow’s Hierarchy from a “Trucking Perspective”
    • Focusing on human needs instead of the low-hanging fruit (e.g. compensation)
    • Creating a congruent company culture inside and outside your office walls
    • Poor Retention draining Corporate Profitability
    • Action items – things you can do immediately to improve retention
  • TPP Retention/Recruiting Survey Results Review #2 – Your True Cost of Recruiting (Jack Porter & Ray Haight)
    • We will review the results of the “Driver Recruiting and Onboarding Cost Survey”
    • Did the results come close to previous internal estimates?
    • How do you track and execute on this information inside your organization?
  • Lunch at Noon
  • Using Data to Make Better Decisions about your Retention and Recruiting Efforts (Tim Hindes)
    • Introduction: Stay Metrics and a Research Focused/Evidence Based Approach to Driver Engagement & Retention
    • Obtaining Regular Driver Feedback: Source of Data that is Critical for Improvement
    • Putting Driver Feedback Information to Use: What are Best Practices for Using the Data
    • Stay Metrics Latest Research: Root Causes of Turnover – Industry v. Carrier-Specific
    • Focus on Early-Stage Driver Turnover Data: The Challenge of Keeping New Hires
    • Understanding Socialization Process and as a Key Component of Improving Retention
    • Develop a Strategy and Interventions for Each of the 5 Phases of Socialization (Plus Communication, Communication, Communication)
    • Overall Strategies to Increase Driver Engagement: Our Driver Engagement Platform – Appreciation, Recognition and Rewards (and Training, too)
    • Quick Case Studies – Putting it All together
    • Summary, Takeaways & Questions
  • Traits of High-Performing Trucking Companies – What the Top Performers in TCA’s Best Practice Groups are doing to Improve Retention (Porter & Hindes)
    • Responsibility of Retention?
    • Trends – Turnover rates (30, 90, 120 Days)
    • Continued development – Training & Mentorship
    • Making their voices heard – How do you garner Driver Feedback
    • Younger Driver Recruiting
    • Equipment Specs for better retention
  • Break @ 2:45 PM
  • Orientation / Remedial Training – Deep Dive (Porter & Haight)
    • Live Training vs. Online
    • Culture & Customer Requirements.
    • Physical Capacity, Wellness, and other Benefits
    • Insure that the Expectations are Set & Reviewed
    • How do you Track to the Expectations of the Driver?
    • Instructions / Documentation – The Training Content
    • After Orientation Communication methods
  • Driver Utilization (Jack Porter): We will ask all the attendees to come prepared to discuss the following;
    • Driver scorecards – how do you measure, what do you measure & do they work?
    • Driver development and training, risk assessment tools, driver performance Evaluation Processes used?
    • Do you require drivers to get days-off approved ahead of time, or do they let them take days off whenever they want?
    • How do you determine full/part time employment status for their drivers? What criteria they use to transition low performing drivers to part time and removing benefits
    • Cameras how is it working for you. If not do you plan on putting them in.
  • How TCA Can Enhance Your Ability to Retain a Better Workforce (John Lyboldt)
    • The new Truckload Academy
    • Advocacy efforts to help widen the net for recruiting
  • Open Question & Answer Session

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