Microsite to Showcase TCA’s Truckload Authority Articles


The Truckload Carriers Association and The Trucker Media Group Announce New Website

Alexandria, Virginia and Little Rock, Arkansas:

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) and The Trucker Media Group recently debuted a microsite – a robust website – that will showcase Truckload Authority magazine articles. Visit the new microsite at www.thetrucker.com/TLA.

Truckload Authority is the official digital and print magazine of the TCA and is published in partnership with The Trucker Media Group. Truckload Authority includes articles about current and proposed governmental regulations and legislative issues affecting the trucking industry, as well as insider perspectives by industry leaders. The publication also features information about TCA’s contests, image programs, and topics affecting its truckload carrier members.

“We’re proud to feature these insightful articles on a designated website for our membership and the public to read,” said TCA President John Lyboldt. “We look forward to expanding the readership on these timely and relevant articles, as well as hearing your feedback.”

“We are proud to be expanding our partnership with Truckload Carriers Association with the launch of the Truckload Authority magazine online edition,” said The Trucker Media Group CEO Bobby Ralston. “The online edition will enhance our ability to reach thousands more with the story of how TCA has become the prominent organization in the truckload segment of our industry, all achieved through the dedication and hard work of its membership, its officers and its executive staff under the leadership of its president, John Lyboldt.”

To provide feedback or to learn more about advertising opportunities, contact TCA@truckload.org.