TCA and Healthy Trucking Magazine to Collaborate


Both entities share common goal: to improve the health of North America’s truck drivers

Alexandria, Virginia:

When it comes to improving the health of North America’s professional truck drivers, the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has been busy launching one initiative after another. First, it unveiled Trucking’s Weight Loss Showdown, a competition with prize incentives for those who lose the most weight. Now, it proudly announces a new working relationship with Healthy Trucking magazine that will equip carriers with tools to help their drivers improve their physical and mental well-being.

According to the agreement, Brightline Media Group, the magazine’s publisher, will highlight the health and wellness efforts of TCA and its members through several venues, including its Web site, trade shows, and a monthly column in Healthy Trucking magazine. The organization will also offer a discount to TCA members who choose to subscribe to the publication.

In exchange, TCA will encourage its carrier members to read and share Healthy Trucking with their drivers and staff. It will cross-promote Healthy Trucking as appropriate and has future plans to place a digital version of each issue online for TCA members to access.

“Our relationship with TCA is a natural fit since the organization represents long-haul trucking, the one demographic that is struggling the hardest with the negative effects of drivers who are forced to remain sedentary for long periods of time,” said Merck Smith, chief executive officer and chairman of Brightline Media Group. “With TCA’s help and input, we aim to showcase the innovations and success stories that can motivate drivers to implement change, both immediately and for the future.”

No one understands the challenges that long-haul drivers face better than TCA Chairman Gary Salisbury, president and CEO of Fikes Truck Line, Inc., Hope, Arkansas. Salisbury began his multi-faceted career as an owner operator and has subsequently worked in almost every aspect of the trucking industry, including sales, dispatch and management. “If TCA and Healthy Trucking magazine can play any role in guiding today’s truck driver toward a healthier lifestyle, then we must do it,” he said. “This industry depends on our people. Let’s educate them and help them improve themselves. Let’s put a stop to obesity and sleep apnea and the many other health risks affecting good people’s lives.”