TCA Members Find Creative, New Ways to Support National Image Campaign


Every dollar counts when it comes to enhancing the reputation of the trucking industry

Alexandria, Virginia:

With an ever-expanding list of programs and initiatives, the Truckload Carriers Association is constantly working to increase awareness about the trucking industry and to promote its positive image. And with the creative fundraising ideas of TCA members EQUINOX Owner-Operator Solutions, LLC, and Randall-Reilly Business Media & Information Company, the campaign will now benefit from two new, ongoing sources of revenue.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, EQUINOX Owner-Operator Solutions is one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing business solutions firms. The company helps its owner-operator customers manage and grow their businesses through services such as bookkeeping, tax and payroll preparations, fuel analysis, real-time business consulting, and more. Now, in support of the National Image Campaign, the company is donating $25 in the name of any company for each one of its drivers that purchase a product or service. In addition, it will donate $100 in the name of any carrier that allows EQUINOX to discuss potential partnership opportunities with its representatives.

Colton Lawrence, president of EQUINOX Owner-Operator Solutions, said: “We are excited to participate in TCA’s National Image Campaign. The industry’s aging driver force requires that we attract younger talent, but the younger generation is less interested. We feel strongly that investing to improve the image of the driver will enhance the longevity of the industry and aligns perfectly with EQUINOX’s mission to improve the profitability of individual drivers.”

Randall-Reilly Business Media & Information Company of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, has also devised a clever way to support the campaign. Specializing in reaching trucking industry decision-makers through an extensive network of publications, interactive media, online content, research and data, and in-person events, the company provides content leadership across every business-critical channel.

According to the plan, every time an individual completes a market research survey that is part of the program, the participant can designate that Randall-Reilly make a small donation to the image campaign. The exact amount of the donation may vary from one survey to the next, but it will be clearly stated in each case. In keeping with its strict confidentiality policy in research, Randall-Reilly will not disclose the identities of survey participants to TCA or any other party, but rather will make bulk donations on behalf of all research participants who designate their support for the image campaign.

“Randall-Reilly is pleased to support TCA’s image campaign with a program that also encourages participation in important industry research,” said Avery Vise, executive director, trucking research and analysis for Randall-Reilly Market Intelligence. “It’s a great way for us to direct funds typically spent on survey incentives to a truly worthy cause and to give trucking executives and others an opportunity to participate in that process.”

Over the past several years, TCA’s National Image Campaign has been successful in reaching a broad audience with its positive trucking message. It has aired a television commercial that was viewed by millions; promoted a rising country singer with a song that immortalizes TCA’s Highway Angel program; engaged in a joint venture to publish a magazine dedicated to driver health and wellness issues; and produced an informative, bi-weekly segment on a national radio program. Both EQUINOX and Randall-Reilly have been strong supporters of the campaign in the past. EQUINOX has previously donated $2,500 in funds unrelated to the new donation program, while Randall-Reilly has donated $500. TCA commends these members for thinking “outside the box” and taking the initiative to try something new for the benefit of improving trucking’s image. Hopefully, other companies will do the same!