Ann Nagle



Bay & Bay Transportation
Eagan, Minnesota

Being a part of the trucking industry means being part of a nation-wide family connected to every man, woman, and child throughout the U.S. Truckers and those who support the drivers bring food and goods to EVERYONE who calls the U.S. home. There is a support network here that is unlike any business or group of people anywhere. Our family was personally touched by this support network when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My husband was working for Bay & Bay at the time and the group there not only helped him take the time off he needed, but helped support us emotionally as well. There were thoughts and prayers from all over the nation praying for us as my husband shared his grief with those he had grown close to. Thanks to the hands and hearts of the trucking industry, we beat cancer. I am alive and well today and I can honestly say our family wouldn’t have survived without that support.