Brittany Quinn



Prime Inc.
Springfield, Missouri

I have had the opportunity to be influenced by the trucking industry not only through my father, but also through my own experience working in it. Growing up, my dad’s friends from work were some of my favorite people; they have been and still are some of his best friends, and are therefore an extension of our family. In this way, I have always seen the trucking industry itself as its own family. It was easy to feel like my dad’s work family was part of our own family unit, but when I got to work in the same building as them it managed to make all of those previously existing bonds even stronger. Suddenly I had a whole team of people looking out for me, in and out of the workplace. I was very nervous for my first day of work and quickly realized that it was all needless; I’ve been lucky enough to have people looking out for me in every corner. I think it is easy for people from the outside looking in to view the trucking industry as a machine, devoid of real people. However, I can say from experience that the trucking industry is indeed one of the most personable industries that exists today. Real, hardworking people exist behind every email, every phone call, and especially in the driver’s seat; There is nothing cold and disconnected about the trucking industry. Rather, the trucking industry I know is all heart.