Brooklyn Keys



Maverick Transportation
North Little Rock, Arkansas

Having my dad in the trucking industry has changed my family life immensely. It has given me a greater sense of family time and to never take those minutes for granted. I am in school two hours away with two jobs and he is on the road 2 weeks at a time; this has opened my eyes to it is not the amount of time you spend with your loved ones, it is the quality of time you spend with them. I see how much he loves his job and all the cool places he gets to drive through on his hauls, that it makes the time lost so worth it. In addition to this, having a family member in the trucking industry has made my family more close-knit. My mom and I became extremely close after my dad started his new job as a truck driver. We had to tag team the different jobs around the house that he once did. If given the chance to have my dad around more, I would not change a thing. The transition was difficult, but it brought along so many positive things that it was a blessing in disguise. I also have a tremendous amount of pride being able to tell people my dad is a flat bed truck driver.