Elizabeth Cox



Best Cartage, Inc.
Kernersville, North Carolina

Being the daughter of two parents in the trucking industry has given me an inside look into one of the most important industries in the world. As a child, my father frequently brought me to work with him. Through visiting Best Cartage, Inc. I discovered the trucking industry’s significance in America’s economy. I saw dispatchers routing drivers, and executives making crucial calls that effected not only Best, but the companies they hauled for. I learned that our country could not survive without the trucking industry. Through visiting Best, I grew up with a great appreciation for the middle men, or the men and women who transported materials and finished products across the country. As I grew older, I realized the small, family owned, dynamic of Best directly represented what I felt America should be, a company striving to provide a service in order to support their family. Through Best, I saw the American dream come alive. Although my trips to visit my dad at work seemed unimportant, they played a critical point in determining my career choice. As a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill, I plan to major in political science with the aspiration of going to law school. Upon graduating law school, I want to represent small family owned businesses like Best to fight for their protection against burdensome regulations. Through seeing firsthand the frivolous lawsuits small companies face, I plan to use my degree to help the small family owned businesses that are the backbone of the trucking industry.