Emily Gomez



John Christner Trucking, LLC
Sapulpa, Oklahoma

The trucking industry impacts the supply chain more than any other industry. It plays a part in everything, from life-sustaining products, such as food, water and medicine, to luxuries, such as electronics and furniture. Trucks carry raw materials, which are then processed into finished products; and they also carry these finished products, shipping them across the nation, and even across the world. The trucking industry spans the globe, and is a critical part and backbone of our nation’s infrastructure. This backbone is made up of dedicated men and women who efficiently pick up and deliver freight, while making safety a priority. Both my father and grandfather have worked in the trucking industry for many years, twenty-two years and fifty-one years respectively. Their jobs have allowed them to have a steady income, which in turn allows them to support a family. Watching my father in his work has taught me many things. Repeatedly, he has demonstrated the value of hard work. I have seen him remain committed to his job, even on days when he knows he will be facing significant challenges. He has shown me that, if you are willing to be diligent in your work, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Also, he has taught me to persevere, even through the times when you feel like you couldn’t possibly go any farther. I am so grateful for the example that he has always been, and the example that he is, in my life.