Harper Auman



Prime Inc.
Springfield, Missouri

The trucking industry has been influencing my family long before I was born. My father, Stan, worked at Yellow Freight for the first ten years of his trucking career. He worked night shifts, assisted loading trailers, and unloading them. Eventually, my father landed a job at Prime Trucking and built himself from the ground up. 2018 marks my dad”s 22nd year at Prime, he is now operations manager and is in charge of over 4,800 trucks along with 7,000 drivers. Every morning my dad wakes up, long before the sun rises, with a smile on his face then returns home every evening with that same grin. The trucking industry has taught my dad the value of hard work and about loving what you do wholeheartedly. Thankfully, my dad has passed these traits onto my siblings and I. He has worked so diligently for the past 22 years, so that we could have pencils for school, the right books for english, new knee pads for volleyball, nice button-up shirts for debate tournaments, etc. My dad instilled a fire for hard work and desire in all of us. I look up to him in every aspect of life. He has been working for over two decades and is still determined to improve and become better. The trucking industry has created morals for my family that value passion and drive to do what you love with a smile on your face.