Kolton McDaniel



Raven Transport
Jacksonville, Florida

My dad has been involved in the trucking industry for my entire life. I was eight years old when my dad accepted a job and moved us to Tennessee. His job consisted of being gone several days a week, traveling across the southeast United States. This made our family life more difficult and different from other families. It personally made me grow as a leader and in general become a more responsible person. After living in Tennessee for six years, my dad had received another job opportunity and moved us to Florida. This move was the best thing for me; I got a fresh start and started to really grow into the person I wanted to be. This move helped me in my sports and in various leadership positions that I have been a part of at my high school. My family has been through many obstacles and I wouldn’t change it for the world; They have pushed me to become the best man I can possibly be. Being the best version of myself is something I strive for everyday. My dad started at the bottom of the trucking industry and worked his way to the top of his company. Not only does he show me everyday, but he has taught me the definition of what hard work can lead to. I have taken all of his lessons of hard work and dedication to his job into heart and it has truly changed my life. My dad is my role model. Although he may work too much, at the end day he has never failed to show up to any of the important events in my life. To me, this shows that he is a hard worker, but most of all, he is a family man. That’s what I appreciate most, no matter what, my dad is always there for me. This scholarship is important to me, because it will allow me to spend more time with my family.