Mikala Perino



V&S Midwest Carriers
Kaukauna, Wisconsin

The trucking industry is very different than any other. It requires patiences, hard work, and understanding. A lot of people do not really understand what goes into planning for pickups and drop offs, or the behind the scenes when something gets broken, or in some cases how a load is even booked. Having both parents in the trucking industry has been very eye opening. I have grown up listening to the trucking lingo and different terms dealing with the industry. My mother has been in the transportation business for almost thirty years along with my father who has been in the industry for thirty-four years.
I have also worked in the trucking industry for a part-time summer job. There I learned even more, and I was very grateful for the summer job. Somehow, the trucking industry has been very kind to my family. Both of my parents’ companies have allowed them to be extremely present and active in my life, especially while I was younger. Sure, there were some nights that required at home work late at night, but almost any job will have that problem.
Family time and life is very important to me and my parents. I am so thankful that their jobs have allowed them to grow such a strong family household. Being an only child might have helped as well, but they were always there for me. I hope to one day have a family as strong as ours and a job that will allow me to be a present and active mom in my kid’s life.